the Audio Forge

                                  3-Step Mission:

                                                       1. WORK HARD
"Minnesota nice"...It's no mere trope.   Mid-west born and raised. This means being proud to offer a small town friendliness; yet still offer world-class quality, availability, and respect for deadlines.  

                                                      2. QUALITY  Production 
 I offer professional, broadcast quality sound. It all comes down to investing in quality equipment, i.e. "hot mic" and providing a "cool", whisper-quiet studio. 

                                                      3. STAY SHARP
Voice niche? ...well I suppose
 Friendly, "guy next door" type. Conversational reads and wry humor come natural --but I believe in staying flexible and constantly reaching farther to improve --and service my clients individual needs. 

- Educated, warm, and "relatable - guy" sound correlates well with a wide range of business needs, i.e . 
e-learning  goals.  My background in Health Care helps.

-Animated, quirky, eccentric, high stuff!  Yes, my passion for pop-culture, entertainment, and Video Games  helps bring scripts to life. 

-Up-beat, positive, powerful reads..?  No problem. The idea of Commercials is to grab attention, right?